Streamline your educational video production process with EdPlayer, an ActionScript 3 framework for animation and sound synchronization.


Simplify Project Management: EdPlayer is designed for a team of four people: the course writer, the animator, the narrator, and the programmer. The removal of overlapping tasks makes team recruitment and training less of a chore.

Maintainability: In live action or screen captured educational videos, making even a minor change requires
re-recording large sections of video. With EdPlayer, graphics and sound can be edited separately making adjustments a breeze.

Small File Sizes: With video elements rendered in Adobe® Flash® Player on the client machine, bandwidth usage is minimized. 30 minutes of HD video uses approximately 500 MB of bandwidth, while 30 minutes of video produced with EdPlayer and Flash is only 10 MB - even with high quality full screen playback.

Interactivity: Interactive elements may be embedded in the video to further engage students during playback.

Where it's used: All videos on www.math10.ca and www.math30.ca were produced using EdPlayer.

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